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Will O'Wisp Ventura Moonlight

***Claire was placed with a dear friend of Will O'Wisp who recently lost her beloved Sheltie of about 12 years, Nora  was also a Will O'Wisp bred dog, littermate to the past Indy and daughter of Robin.  Claire seemed to want to be an only dog.  She is still with "family" and has a place as an already  devoted companion with a doting owner.

This is Claire, pictured as an adolescent.

Claire was co-owned by Cynthia and Elizabeth and was bred from a bitch leased from Ventura Shelties and is the daughter of Chase.

Claire is white factored,  (possibly bi-factored, both her parents are bi-factored as were her littermates) and an outgoing lady.

In Aug 2007, Claire was bred to Am/Can Dury Voe Wintergreen.

On Oct 10, 2007 Claire had her pups and four have stayed within the family, three have gone to loving homes with futures as pets and possibly an Agility dog

It should be noted her littermate Clipper, (who was growing out at Ventura) is now tearing up the Agility ring and is showing potential in herding!

vWD - clear

Eyes - Normal

Hips and Thyroid are pending



June 2013

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